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Rescue: To free from confinement, danger or evil.
Reptile: Really cool animal ;-)
OK, that may not be a real definition but it works for us here.

Reptile Rescue has safely supplied live animals to conventions, parties, corporate functions, schools and displays since its unexpected beginning. Reptile Rescue is the heartfelt passion of two Las Vegas entertainers named Steve and Maria August. Steve started juggling over 30 years ago and Maria has been working as a magician in Las Vegas since 1994. Together they have worked with lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys but most of all, snakes! Their hands-on experience and back stage access has brought them to do a complete turn-around and now protest circuses and shows with animals. Having seen reptiles in horrible conditions at pet shops, reptile expos and convention they know that changes need to be made. And the best place to make a change is to start in your own home. So now Steve & Maria no longer involve themselves with any animals other than the rescued reptiles they have adopted. Performing shows that entertain families while sneaking in education is what makes their show so popular with parents for their children. So if you are here to hire a reptile show for your children’s birthday party or have a need to learn more about reptiles we hope we can help you with our insights that you won’t hear from groups that make money off the exploitation of animals. Reptiles have become the "Disposable Pet" of the decade. Often, when the animals are no longer wanted they become neglected. Some may be dropped off and left for dead at Veterinarian offices with unpaid bills, others, after owners realize their adult reptile is not worth anything, may be dropped off at a pet shelter or pet shop. Efforts to cure these animals are often times successful but regretfully most efforts are just making the animal comfortable until it’s passing. A truly painful end for many “loved” pets. Maria also teaches at Schools and on the Internet that reptiles are a tremendous responsibility that rarely make good pets and to never get a reptile unless it is a rescue situation. Her love for these unwanted pets is tremendous. Maria and Steve have even gone so far as to refuse to supply reptiles to television shows like "Fear Factor" as they could not guarantee the safety of the animal during their stunts. Saving animals is not the only success of Reptile Rescue. Maria has put together a stage show that can entertain groups of all ages. What makes her show so different? Maria and Steve started out as jugglers, fire-eaters and magicians here in Las Vegas. Their show is funny, educational and entertaining because they are full time entertainers! Reptile Rescue offers their personal $2,000,000.00 Insurance policy Reptile Rescue offers a 25-year perfect safety record. Reptile Rescue is an USDA licensed (#88-C-0118) exhibitor of exotic animals. Reptile Rescue offers excellent referrals from dozens of Talent Agencies, Schools, Businesses, & families.



  • · 1998-1999 Billboard Music Awards (snakes)
    · TNN's Primetime Country (snakes)
    · Film: “Baby Geniuses” (snakes, tarantulas)
    · E! Television- “Wild On” Series (fire eater & snakes)
    · NBC's “You Asked For It” (featured act)
    · Aladdin Hotel Casino commercial ( snake charmer)
    · “The Tonight Show” (Handling Birds of Prey)
    · NBC's “The World's Greatest Magic II” (Monkey)
    · Fremont Street Las Vegas commercial (fire eater)
    · “Card Sharks” game show (featured actor with snakes)
    · “Late Night w/ David Letterman”
    · Fred Nassiri Music Video (showgirl)
    · William's Oil Co. national commercial (tortoises)
    · “To Tell the Truth” Game Show (guest with snakes)
    · Travel Channel commercial (snakes)
    · Nevada Health Care commercial (fire eater)
    · Tarzan Movie Premiere Party (Snakes)
    · Man in the Iron Mask release party (Snakes)
    · Celine Dion's wedding at Caesar's Palace (Snakes)
    · The Beach Movie Premiere Party, Hollywood, CA (Snakes)
    · Committed Movie Premiere Party, Beverly Hills, CA (Snakes)
    · Playboy's “Sexcetera” (magician)
    · 2004 Florida International Reptile Expo (feature magician)
    · Roger Corman's "Crocosaur" (fire & snakes in bar scene)
    · Hosting Comedy Central’s “Friday Night Stand Up”
    · “Taff” German Television show (featured guest w/ snakes)
    · 2004 Radio Music Awards pre-show ( hostess w/ snakes)
    · 2005 Spring Paris Hilton “Guess” photo shoot (snakes)
    · E!’s “The Entertainer” opening party (fire & snakes)
    · British reality show Vegas Virgins (snakes)
    · Criss Angel's Mindfreak (variety of snakes & bugs)
    · The Hillywood Show Harry Potter parody (snakes)
    · Univision's "Ver Para Creer
    · Spike TV Premiere "Order of the Serpentine"
    · Mercedes commercial (lizards)
    · Criss Angel's Mindfreak (variety of snakes & bugs)
    · “The Jerry Springer Show” (featured magician)
    · “30 Seconds to Fame” (featured act)
    · "Blind Date" (snakey activity for the daters)
    · Penn & Teller's "BullShit" on Showtime (exotic animals)
    · Robin Leach's “Penthouse Vegas” (featured guest)
    · “Steely Dan Confessions” (featured performer w/ snakes)
    · “America's Most Wanted” (snake charmer)
    · “Ripleys Believe it or Not” (featured w/ snakes)
    · Animal Planet special "Secrets of Animal Magic" (feature)
    · Animal Planet's "The Pet Psychic" (snake & tortoise)
    · Animal Planet's "Lance Burton's Guerilla Magic" (magician)
    · Hosting Comedy Central’s “Friday Night Stand Up”

    And much more...